Atlanta Braves Integration of Atlanta Braves in Stadium Sports Graphics
RED BULL Battlegrounds Wireframe helped IPOWOW integrate Real-Time graphical data
ASN Graphics Graphics Integration for NMG
AHSAA Re-Design of AHSAA Graphics
Thursday, January 19, 2017

Check out WireframeGroup YouTube Channel page here:

WireframeGroup YouTube Channel


Wireframe Group at NAB 2013

View Wreframe's work on Ross's Virtual Set Show including the Show Open, Augmented Reality and Virtual Set pieces. Here.


Clemson U Stadium Graphics

Wireframe Group is creating sports graphics for Clemson University's 80,000+ stadium fans. Stay tuned for more images and clips.


eastlink TV Sports Graphics

Wireframe Group is re-branding all of eastlink TV's on-air sports graphics using their new Corporate look. Stay tuned for clips of the amazing new look!


Wireframe Re-designs GlobalTV Election Graphics

GlobalTV will be using the newly designed graphics for all their election coverage from Provinal to Federal Elections.

Watch Sample Video!


Wireframe Designs US Election Graphics

Wirerame was commissioned to design Election graphics and Data driven software for Xpression for local elections in Tulsa OK

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